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Date: 16 August 2001
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Architecture Hill, NUS

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Our launch gig was a modest success but a noteworthy one nonetheless in our books: It was the first gig we ever organised ourselves, with kind assistance from the Architectural Society. On the week preceding and on the day of the gig itself, we managed to sell 124 copies of our EP. Plus it didn't rain despite repeated threats from a moody sky. We consider it a great start to our career as an original band.

The audience warmed up and readily took to our first couple of songs. By the time we started Marginal they were getting quite audible with the catcalls and screams! We've never been a very active band on stage - we're seriously working on moving much more to the music - but the energy that came from the audience that night was unbelievable, and that really made us come alive.

The night ended with a super speeded-up version of Cut Your Grass, or so we thought. The audience shouted for an encore and we were all too willing.

To the audience that made it all happen we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was truly an unforgettable performance for us and we hope you guys had at least as much fun as we did on stage. And we hope to have the continual support of you guys to listen and spread the word, so that we can have a chance of making something meaningful out of all our time together as a band.

- Daniel, Aug 23 2001